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Prometheus: A misunderstood gem.

With recent buzz about the new Alien film, "Alien: Covenant", arising, it has reignited the controversial issue of the film which preceded it, "Prometheus", which is one of the greatest science fiction films ever made. This conflict between the fan base has actually created such a strong tension that it's caused many to worry that the upcoming Prometheus sequel will be to much like it's predecessor, and not enough like the original masterpiece that started it all. Why is this? Why is it that a fanbase only wants to see a story that does not differentiate itself from the previous films in the franchise what so ever. Simply put, it's because the franchise has been destroyed by 3, and in many people's opinions including myself, 4 movies. The four movies I'm talking about are Alien 3, Alien: Ressurection, Alien Vs predator, and Alien Vs Predator: Requim. Here before you stand the four movies that tarnished the beloved franchise we know and love. Yet how do these relate to Prometheus? Well, after Prometheus was publically announce the fanbase boomed with excitement. After 30 years of the franchise being beaten like a dead horse, the Titan, the man who started it all was returning to give the franchise new light. For all intents and purposes, that was the original plan. Fox brought on a talented up and coming writer, John Spaihts, who wrote a very good Alien script. However Spaihts was still a young writer, new to the industry, so it was to be expected that Fox would bring on a an additional writer to make adjustments. All of this was to be expected, in fact Spaihts himself was made perfectly aware of this well before the scripts completion, but why were the changes so drastic. Before diving into this I would like to express my absolute respect and enjoyment of the original Spaihts script as it introduced many new ideas about the Aliens/Xenos to the franchise, many of which I have a hunch may find their way into Alien: Covenant, specifically the sexburster. The original medpod scene was insane and super cool. I'll admit to going crazy over it when I read it. If the script had all this going for it, what truly caused the changes. I personally believe it had to be the undeniable sense of deja vu. Despite the interesting ideas brought to the table, the story was familiar. The evil company wanted to use the Aliens their own means, the Aliens get out and kill everybody. Despite being done in a creative way, this wasn't exactly new territory for the franchise. In my humble view, this is what prompted the rewrites. Whether it was a good decision is ultimately up to the fans to decide. Those who wanted a traditional solid Alien film would likely disapprove, but those who thought the current build of the franchise was in upmost chaos and needed a new direction likely looked upon the final product more fondly. I for one, feel I got both, but the true prequel to Alien, that we got in Prometheus was incredibly... INCREDIBLLY sibliminal and definitely took a few rewatches to finally understand. While I personally enjoyed this deep seated aspect we received in Prometheus, I admit that is a flaw of the film as many may not have noticed these upon their first or even second or third time watching. Not only that, people didn't want sibliminal, they wanted the complete package, an Alien prequel. However there is still an aspect that many don't seem to grasp, maybe even the ones who were disappointed in the film themselves. They didn't just want a solid Alien prequel, they wanted the franchise they know and love restored to its former glory at the hands of the man who started it all and when Prometheus introduced so many new elements, it still left them with gust emptiness and anger that had formed over the last decades of faliture. The truth about nerds, and this is definitely true for me, is that we grow incredibly attached to the series we know and love and when a series like alien has been brutalized to the point of almost no return, it is in an incredibly sensitive spot. Still, what does this say about Prometheus, what does it say about the movie we got? There are many who have claimed the film is the byproduct of bad writing and riddled with plot holes, but the truth is that many of these arguments are made under the impression that an inanswered question and a plot hole are the same thing. Prometheus ended with many unanswered questions, in fact the only real question it answered was "who would want to make the monster?", nothing about why or to what end. It left many layered hints to the origin of the Aliens/Xenos likely being the result of countless biological experimentation through the DNA Manipulation Agent, the Black Goo, but no concrete answers such as why there was an engineer biological research and weapons outpost on LV-2223, the planet next to LV-426, why the map led there, why do the engineers hate humanity, do they actually hate humanity, how an engineer ship ended up on LV-426 itself(though I suppose this connection could be made to the facilities fall to the Aliens 2000 years prior, as an infected engineer likely escaped the planet, during the outbreak, on the ship, but died after his chest was burst open by an alien and his ship crashed on LV-426) Point being these were all left unanswered at the end of the film, as well as many more, but that is what they are, unanswered questions which will likely be answered in the following sequels. How satisfying the answers are or aren't is ultimately unknown. All this aside, Prometheus was not without its faults, it had its irregularities, which most films are accustomed to, such as Milburn's pet snake or Shaw and Vickers thinking strait when they should have been thinking left or right. Issues like these are present in most films. They are not the source of the Prometheus controversy. The true source of controversy stems from the decades of failure that the fanbase has been forced to suffer through. Prometheus was meant to be the return to form the franchise deserved that was twenty years in the making, but it wasn't. Prometheus was a new approach. In truth, the fanbase did not want a new approach, they wanted the franchise they know and love redeemed in all its glory as powerful and amazing and terrifying as it was before. When Prometheus was not that, it spiraled the fanbase into a civil war. However, even with all this information, what does it truly say about Prometheus, what does it say about the movie we got. In the end, Prometheus was a new and creative spin on the world of Alien, perhaps to knew for some. It was a beautiful story full of biblical references and symbolism, deep philosophical questions of the nature of creation, intriguing word building, and all in all asks many questions that we are too scared to ask ourselves today. If we do take a step away from the rich symbolism of this film and delve into the more core aspects of the film, there are definitely gems and rocks to Ben found. On the one hand the film introduced us to incredibly well crafted characters such as David 8, and Elizabeth Shaw and Weyland, as well as other well rounded characters like Meredith Vickers, and Captain Janek. On the other hand we had less interesting characters like Charlie Holloway, Fifield, and Milburn, as well as a cast of expendables, but it fair to say these aren't well rouned characters? Yes and no, on the one hand they are not badass space marines with kick butt personalities, but scientists whose purpose is much more technical in nature, but on the other their personalities could be seen as one dimensional and bland, even if it isn't the case, it still appears that way. Do the other characters make up for though, absolutely! David was one of the most intriguing characters I have seen on screen in a long time, and before Prometheus we have never seen the Weyland, or Weyland-Yutani, Corporation given any true depth, with their intentions always being sinister. I could argue that, aside from the sibliminal meaning of the film, everything involving the Weyland Corporation was the best part of this film. Shaw's mission to meet her maker was so true the core of human desire. That yearn to know why we exist and what our purpose is was so well conveyed throughout the film that when it came to a close, it could be seen as almost gut wrenching to see what that quest wrought. Prometheus introduced us to a new side of the Alien franchise and has created more mystery and intrigue in the franchise than we've ever seen before. Never has there been so many questions regarding just one film. Even those who were not thrilled with the film still admit to being curious about what lies ahead for this new side of the franchise. When I think of Prometheus, I think of a film with a fantastic plot, relatable core characters, intriguing writing and overall one of the best world building films I have ever seen. Seriously, Prometheus has raised the scope of the Alien franchise immensely. What was once confined corridors is now whole world. There are so many new elements introduced into the world of alien, the engineers, this twisted origin of the Alien, our origin, the history of what is now the most interesting fictitious company I've ever seen, and those are just the core elements, now there are so many religious and philosophicsl elements that the game is completely changed. Even the technology can be seen as world building, now we know there is advanced technology that is well ahead of its time as well as the classic retro technology of the main films. As a consumer of deep and intriguing story, this series has become a buffet of excitement. There are so many new routs to take the Alien franchise now, while also connecting it back to the original story that we know and love. It is for these reasons, that I believe Prometheus is one of the best science fiction films ever made. This is real science fiction, it isn't easy to get,and it's beyond complicated, deeply sibliminal, and incredibly creative. Now how will this transfer into Alien: Covenant, that's hard to say. From what the cast and crew are saying it will be a combination of the two which is perfect in my eyes. I believe Micheal Fassbender stated, "it combines the wonder of Prometheus with the terror of Alien". I believe that if this film succeeds it will uplift Prometheus in every way, giving context to its questions, bringing the Aliens into the fold and more... much more. Overhyping is a dangerous thing, but it is impossible not to be a little bit hyped up. It's recent bump from August to may is a good sign, and I do believe that so long as this film makes the connection to Alien we know and love, it can continue the Prometheus story without trouble and singlehandedly revive the franchise and expand it in one foul swoop. All we can do now, is hope.

P.s. I didn't even mention Neil Blondkamp's Alien 5(new 3) If Alien Covenant succeeds we get a greater shot at a real ending to Riply's story. We may very well be on the verge of an Alien comeback, only this time it could be bigger, bolder, deeper, darker, and better. Also please excuse the occasional typo, for a blog entry this is to big to edit, and probably to big to be a blog entry.
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